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Folder Printers Custom Presentation Folder Printing
Folder Printers Custom Presentation Folder Printing

What Should be in a Professional Presentation Folder?

Imagine receiving an important proposal, comprised of several loose stacked sheets. Don’t the words unprofessional or amateurish just scream to mind?

Such is the impact of a professional presentation pocket folder on your image and message. It demonstrates your fastidiousness and says, “this is to be taken seriously”; moreover, it conveys to the recipient that they are important enough to merit such a well thought-out and prepared custom presentation.

A presentation folder is a perfect vehicle in which to enclose and deliver your message or proposal in a neat, orderly and bespoke manner. However, if you have never put one together, it can be quite confusing, even daunting.

In general, a professional presentation pocket folder is given with the aim of either enticing or informing the recipient. Whichever of the two your goal may be, here are a few pointers as to what paraphernalia should go in your custom presentation folder.

The first thing the recipient beholds upon opening your folder. An introduction letter serves as both a greeting, and succinct preface about yourself, your company or organization, and the purpose of your folder submission.

Brochures and flyers contain information about your organization, laid out in more detail. These include images, specifications or descriptions of your product, facilities, equipment and even yourself or your team.

These are the medium that visually deliver your message, showing you and your company in a most favorable light.

There are things that, ostensibly, may seem out of style, but whose effect are never diminished when employed. A business card is one of those. It is yet another item that adds an element of customization; both for you and your recipient.

If it is the first contact you have with a potential client, a business card informs them of your professional and company credentials. Also, if your personal mobile phone number and social media handles are printed on the card, it lets them know that they are free and welcome to contact you through those channels.

A business card snappily tucked in slits on the folder’s pocket makes your package look complete. Without one, your professional presentation folder might look as if something is missing.

For facts regarding your claims that can be quantified, data sheets and charts provide figures for your recipient to review, compare and examine, in order to make a more informed decision. As ancillary material, they make it visually easier to digest and process the numbers.

Few instruments are as effective at building trust and overcoming skepticism as customer testimonials. You should therefore print a collection of quotes from satisfied clients extolling your product or service and how it benefitted them, then include those in your folder.

If your company’s products have set (non-negotiable) prices, include a price list in your presentation folder’s contents.

If your product is small and thin enough to fit in the pockets of the folder without making it appear bulky (e.g., fabric), do insert a piece or two. If not, printed high quality pictures would be good representation of your products.

Promotional materials — such as notepads, bookmarks, pens, magnet sheets— are more to do with reminding your recipient about your company or organization and less about informing them. So long as they do not compromise the fit of the folder, do include a few pieces.

Depending on your industry or field of interest, the inclusion of several — or all — of these items will help get your message across, credibly.

After all that preparation and assembly, it cannot be understated that all of the items must be neatly arranged, stacked and aligned. You may get only one chance at presenting, so make sure that nothing (even so much as an unintentionally folded corner) might cause the whole thing to fall apart.

If you’ve paid great attention to every detail in assembling your presentation folder and its contents, at the very least, you’ll know that you did your part and that you have a fighting chance at winning the business or approval.